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Barry Schwartz AMA via Online Geniuses

Barry Schwartz AMA Online Geniuses

This afternoon, at 1 PM EST to be exact, I had the pleasure of participating in an AMA with SEO thought leader and Search Engine Land contributor Barry Schwartz through the Slack group Online Geniuses. There were some interesting questions being asked ranging from SEO to app development. Below are my favorite Q&A’s.

lifer [1:03 PM] Hey @barry what are the best practices for schema markup for SEO purposes? Should I put it on every page?
barry [1:04 PM] @lifer: be careful with schema markup for SEO purposes.  do not put them on “every” page, only pages that warrant it.  Google has cracked down on a lot and they’ve said you don’t put them on category pages, etc.  It depends on the schema, but read the guidelines carefully.

robertadler [1:17 PM] @barry what link building/promotional methods do you think will survive algorithm updates / Google feeling like they’re naughty 5 years from now that’s being used today?
barry[1:19 PM]@robertadler:  at this rate, none – not even natural links 😉 it is just crazy how wide the spectrum has gone with what is a valid natural link and what is not.

searchengine [1:24 PM] @barry: Did somebody really threaten to kill you over loosing ranking?
barry [1:25 PM] @searchengine: yes but not sure if they were serious. I’ve been threatened many times over many search topics.

lifer [1:24 PM] Thanks @barry how important do you think SSL is for ranking nowadays? What’s your experience with that?
barry[1:25 PM]@lifer: for ranking in Google, not so important. I migrated sites over and
saw no noticeable change in ranking or traffic. But if you are building a new site, doesn’t hurt to start with HTTPS

tavarez [1:12 PM] @barry: what drastic changes do you see happening to SEO within 5 years?
barry [1:13 PM] @tavarez: probably the most drastic changes in SEO will be around how searchers consume search results (i.e. mobile is big now but soon wearables, cars, appliances, etc) and I also expect links in 5 years not to be that important in Google’s algo

alexisavellan [2:02 PM] another question @barry How much of an impact do you think CTRs in the SERPs play in rankings? And do you think that Google will move towards UX having more of an impact on rankings than it currently does?

alexisavellan[2:03 PM] I know you mentioned Google moving away from links in the future in an earlier question

barry [2:03 PM] @alexisavellan: Google says none but they are always wishy-washy on that. I think UX does play a role, but not as much as link factors and content factors.

barry [2:06 PM] Oh, thought you meant UX on Google’s SERPs and how people interact with the search results page

alexisavellan [2:06 PM] sorry, didn’t make that distinction

barry [2:06 PM] UX on mobile is going to be big on April 21st, very big and I suspect UX on desktop will happen also

tejaswi [1:57 PM] wht are the weapons for the fight? @barry (Referring to highly saturated SERPs)

barry [1:58 PM] @tejaswi: these days, links :simple_smile: i would just get people to link to you by building something interesting that gets exposure

alexisavellan [1:58 PM] Hey @barry thank you for doing this AMA! Is there a keyword tool that you personally use and recommend aside from Google’s? I’ve heard good things about Long Tail Pro.

barry [1:59 PM] @alexisavellan: nope, I don’t really do keyword research and if I do, I’d use AdWords and Google Trends

Full AMA

Jon Tavarez

An internet enthusiast, marketer, and entrepreneur that graduated from the University of South Florida College of Business. Jon is also the Founder of Vantage Internet Group, a digital agency based out of Tampa, Florida which oversees the brand management for online businesses and is involved in numerous start-ups.

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