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Ahrefs Founder & CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko AMA @ Online Geniuses Slack

Dmitry Gerasimenko - Ahrefs Founder

The following are the questions I asked Dmitry and his responses. For full transcript, click here.


tavarez [1:02 PM] Hello

tavarez [1:05 PM] What’s your most challenging task at the moment at ahrefs?

botsbreeder[1:09 PM]@tavarez: hiring people is the most challenging one

tavarez [1:21 PM] What was the game changer that convinced you to stick with ahrefs and grow?


botsbreeder [1:26 PM] @tavarez: insights that I gained when I tried to sell Ahrefs on flippa

tavarez [1:28 PM] any golden nugget you could share with us about the massive SEO data you have analyzed?


martin.sweeny [1:30 PM] Tavarez with the good questions!

botsbreeder [1:36 PM] @tavarez many people ask this question but honestly we did not do any solid SEO research based on the data that we have, but you can expect something soon

tavarez [1:36 PM] @botsbreeder: I’ll be happy to take a look :simple_smile:

tavarez [1:45 PM] Are there any plans for ahrefs to expand into other areas similarly to Moz or do you see it as purely SEO?

botsbreeder [1:48 PM] @tavarez: we already starting expanding to content marketing with Content Explorer https://ahrefs.com/content-explorer

AHREFS Content Explorer

tavarez [1:49 PM] oh, awesome

tavarez [1:49 PM] have any of the search engine companies ever approach ahrefs for any reason?

botsbreeder [1:51 PM] @tavarez to the best of my knowledge – no

botsbreeder[2:23 PM]I guess that’s it for today. Thanks everyone for the questions. You can always DM me if you have more.
tavarez[2:30 PM]thanks Dmitry @botsbreeder
(after someone asked for a promo code for OG members)
botsbreeder [2:30 PM] no special offers for OG, sorry. But you can use this promo link we have recently created for Noah Kagan’s Traffic1m course – https://ahrefs.com/pricing-plans?coupon=traffic1m

Pricing & Plans

Jon Tavarez

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