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Citibank receives lowest security grade among top banks!

Some of you may already know about our sweet little tool SSLswitch which analyzes the top 1000 global sites and brands for SSL migration as well as SSL grade.

We recently came across one large financial institution that received a very poor SSL grade – an ‘M’ grade! See the report below:
citibank ssl report

As you can see above, the main reason they get this grade is due to a warning of “Inconsistent server configuration”.

Here are the other top banks for comparison:

top banks

The reason you see a ‘C’ grade above is because at the time of the first report, they were serving a different SSL certificate.

After discussing with several colleagues, I decided I should tweet the screenshot at them with a powerful message.
citibank worst grade

If you’d like to raise some awareness, feel free to Retweet or Favorite the message. There’s no reason a top bank like Citibank can’t have better domain level security when the cost/benefit ratio is so high.

After the latest celeb leaks scandal, you’d expect more companies to take note of higher grade security, especially banks.

Update: Received a reply
Is that really the best they could do to address this concern?
My reply:

Update #2 (Next day) – Looks like this article got Citibank’s attention thanks to Reddit’s /r/privacy, Hacker News, and everyone else who tweeted, favorited, or somehow has helped spread the message!
citibank change

Update #3 (several hours later) – They’re still messing around with the SSL certificates and the grades seem to have been swapped. They are now getting the initial “inconsistent configuration” error.

citi bank change 2

Update #4 – Citigroup site traffic

citibank visits 1 citibank visits citigroup visit europe

Update #5 (10/24/2014) – Citigroup manages to upgrade security grade on one server, still below average

citigroup upgrade


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