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5 Amazingly Simple Ways to Growth Hack Right Now


Growth Hacking is all the rage nowadays. It’s a combination of Marketing and Development skills used to grow a business significantly with little to no investment, although it could be a big expense depending on the size and goals of your company. Typically, Growth Hackers are sought after for their creative yet nearly instant actionable insight to assist with growth.
The people that would most benefit from these simple growth hacks are freelancers and entrepreneurs. Below is a list of what I believe to be useful hacks to grow as a digital workaholic.

1) Become a Master Networker on Linkedin


Hacking Linkedin Connections

Step 1: Go to https://www.linkedin.com/people/pymk/hub when logged in.
Step 2: When page loads, open console (CMD + Option + j on Chrome).
Step 3: Paste below Javascript code in the console.

setInterval(function() { var connectBtns = document.getElementsByClassName(‘bt-request-buffed’); for(var i =0; i < connectBtns.length; i++) { console.log(connectBtns[i].parentNode.children[0].children[1].children[0].children[0].textContent);connectBtns[i].click()}}, 500);

Step 4: Sit back and relax as you start connecting with hundreds of recommended connections!
CAUTION: Make sure you don’t overdo it or Linkedin may set a restriction on your account for several days or weeks. If you abuse this, your account may not be able to send requests for a while.
My suggestion is to do this once per week, at most.

(Credit to Aaron Landy)

Building Your Linkedin Email List

Step 1: Go to your Connections page and click the Advanced Settings button as seen below
Step 2: Click on the Export Linkedin Connections link on the top right under Advanced Settings and save the list
Step 3: Import the list using your favorite email marketing service (ie. MailChimp)
Step 4: Personalize the e-mails using *|FNAME|* which will be replaced automatically with the first name each connection on your list (ie. Hi *|FNAME|*)
Step 5: Create an introductory e-mail letting them know who you are and why you’re emailing them. Make sure to emphasize a benefit to them receiving the email or else it will be seen as just plain spam.

(Credit to Ankur Nagpal)

2) Leveraging Facebook Ads

Want to impress a potential client or investor? Find them on Facebook and get their e-mail, create super-targeted ads, and start your campaign!
1. Click Ads tab -> “Tools” -> “Audiences”
2. “Create Audience” -> “Custom Audience” -> “Customer List” -> “Copy and paste your customer list”
3. Paste the email addresses, listed on their Facebook profiles.
4. You need to add at least 30 entries.
5. Create new ads, choose your custom audience, Optimize For: “Clicks To Website”, Pricing (!important): “Get the most website clicks at the best price”.

Source: MySocialSherpa

Here’s a funny little story about a marketer pranking his roommate with Facebook Ads: https://mysocialsherpa.com/the-ultimate-retaliation-pranking-my-roommate-with-targeted-facebook-ads/

3) Tools You Should Know About

IFTTT – If This Then That is an awesome service that allows you to tie numerous services together and have them interact with one another when certain events take place.

Buffer – Schedule your posts and updates weeks ahead of time!

Here’s what makes Buffer so great:
Dashboard Scheduler – schedule your posts months ahead of time across multiple social media networks.

Chrome Extension Simple Composer – Click on the Buffer button in Chrome to add an article, video, or whatever content you’d like to schedule for a share. Allows quick commenting ability for Facebook also.

Chrome Extension Power Scheduler – This one is great! This is the second option on the Chrome button which allows you to schedule posts by intervals or specific dates and times without having to log in to the Dashboard.

Using Buffer is definitely the best way to maintain your personal, business, and client accounts by far! Tie it in with IFTTT and Canva (or Buffer’s own Pablo) and you’ve got a killer social media content generator and marketing tool.
Canva – Easily create fantastic images for any platform!


It’s as simple as selecting the type of image you need, the platform you need it for, and a premade design to edit. This is definitely a must-have social media tool for any serious marketer, freelancer, and entrepreneur.
TweetFull – Automatically build a Twitter following using keywords and hashtags!


With just 1 hashtag, TweetFull has helped me gain 3100+ real targeted followers within a year. Imagine if I had 10 hashtags or keywords? I’d have well over 30k in only 12 months.

The really cool part is that you can use it’s prebuilt Sentiment Analysis to ensure you only interact with positive sentiment content. No one wants to see negative stuff on their feed!

Kimono Labs – This is a great tool to help you turn websites into APIs using just your browser. The calls can run manually or at recurring intervals for automation purposes. Get on it!


What you see above is an example of data selection on TripAdvisor. As you can see, the comments are selected in yellow and it is asking to confirm that they are indeed the selection you desire in the bottom comment. All you have to do is click the + button and start selecting sections of a site. It is pretty intuitive and you should not have a hard time learning it. They also have premade APIs that other users have made public which may be just what you were looking for.

What else can you use it for? Offering free tools and data to your target market! For example, I am in the process of creating a list of the top expiring domains that is updated every day. SEO’s use expiring domains to assist them in building out mini-sites. Also, lots of internet entrepreneurs are looking for quality domain names but get overwhelmed with so many data. My tool, in turn, makes it easy for them to see a curated list within under a minute. Since I am a marketing consultant and domain investor/broker, these are exactly the people I want coming to my site!

Update: They were acquired by Paladin and now only offer a desktop version which is still great.

4) Emailing Like a Pro

Tip 1

Yesware – Email tracking plugin for Gmail and Outlook
Using tracking software such as Yesware give you the edge when communicating through e-mail. Know when and where people open your emails to understand their behavior which ultimately helps you contact them at the right time!

Tip 2

Subject lines matter! A recent study found that using the word ‘Urgent:’ in this fashion followed by your message increased open rate by 78%! Now, that’s impressive.

Tip 3

How to find nearly anyone’s email address.

Email Hunter for Chrome
Email Hunter will automatically look for any emails related to the site you’re currently on. For example, if you’re on techcrunch.com, it will pull any emails with @techcrunch.com
Email Extractor for Chrome

This one is also useful in that it extracts any emails that are directly on a website which you may easily miss. Just click the button and you get a convenient list of emails.

URL Profiler
Sign up for the 14-day trial
Open the program and insert the credentials you were emailed
Go to Accounts > My-Addr and follow the instruction on there to create an account to this service. $5 can get you enough credits for over 2000 whois emails
Go back to the program and only check the whois data boxes as seen below.


Load a list of websites/domains you were unable to find an e-mail for
Click Run Profiler

This tool is ideal as a last resort for finding e-mails since it provides you the technical contact, registrant, and billing contact for a domain name. You can bet that whoever gets these emails is someone in senior management or has direct access to C-level executives. This is not to be abused!

URL Profiler also has great social media analytics options. You can input a list of pages and sites and analyze the amount of shares they’ve had as well as what accounts belong to who.

Now, when you visit a site you have the tools necessary to both extract any emails on the site and find any emails that have been tied to that domain.

5) Driving Quality Traffic



90% of the battle when it comes to getting clicks and shares for blogs is the headline. The next 10% is engaging the audience.

  1. Jump on Buzzsumo.com
  2. Examine highly shared blog posts, copy their title styles
  3. Write a blog post that mentions popular people on twitter
  4. Publish the blog post and tweet at the popular people you mention
  5. Get retweeted
  6. Repeat

(Credit to Ilan Nass)

Optimal Send Times

Although optimal send times vary on many factors such as industry, age, sex, and even day of the week, these are good starting points.

Below are what studies at MailChimp found were the most effective times to send e-mails in general by day of week and hour of the day.

Daily-672x443 Hourly-672x443

And there you have it, fellow Fiverr members! My goal was to provide you with ways that have helped me with my own endeavors so that you too can benefit. Whether your goal is to increase your social media presence, generating content, finding prospects, or all of the above, I am confident you will find something in this post to help you achieve it! Stay tuned for more Growth Hacking tips.

Jon Tavarez

An internet enthusiast, marketer, and entrepreneur that graduated from the University of South Florida College of Business. Jon is also the Founder of Vantage Internet Group, a digital agency based out of Tampa, Florida which oversees the brand management for online businesses and is involved in numerous start-ups.

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