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8 Simple Reasons Why Your Customers Click Buy

Online Consumer Behavior

Knowing why your customers desire what you are offering is the first step in creating a successful business. I mean, if you just randomly pick something for “obvious” reasons, you’re going at it blindfolded. Always remind your self the “why”. In order to implement a solid marketing plan with prime positioning within your target market, you must understand exactly how you fulfill the needs and wants of your target market.

According to research done by psychologist Dr. Drew Eric Whitman, author of Ca$hvertising,

“People buy because of emotion and justify with logic. A good advertiser can force an emotional response by touching on a basic want or need. It will motivate them to fulfill that desire as soon as possible.”

If you’re a seasoned marketer, you’ve probably read the book and know exactly where this is going, but continue anyway. Most of us overlook the obvious and tend to complicate things more than they really are. Keep it simple, stupid!

Now, the quoted statement by Dr. Whitman applies to the average Joe or a CEO of a large company to varying degrees. At the end of the day, they’ll all have one of the following reasons to make a purchase:

Survival & Life Enhancement

1) Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.

What’s more important than surviving? Yea, nothing. We all need to survive, it’s simply our number 1 goal as organisms on planet Earth. And while we’re here, we want to enjoy it and prolong that for as long as possible. Think healthcare, diet, and anti-aging products/services such as hormone replacement therapy along with the myriad of life-enhancing supplements out there. In 2010, the Healthcare industry accounted for $1.75 trillion in revenue in the US alone!

Chipotle Fast-casual

 2) Enjoyment of food and beverages.

Not only do we need to eat and drink, but we also want to have a damn good time while we do. That’s why the restaurant business keeps evolving in order to cater to constantly changing customer needs.

Take Chipotle, for example. They’ve revolutionized the fast-casual restaurant business by providing a clean, modern, atmosphere with relatively high quality food and they’re doing great!

People enjoy going to Chipotle because it provides them what McDonald’s and Chili’s can’t – fast, high quality food. Check out this interesting infographic on how the fast-casual restaurant industry is taking over! In 2010, sales were ~$23 billion.

Freedom from danger

3) Freedom from fear, pain, and danger.

Due to our caveman instincts, we’re programmed to avoid danger or anything that leads to pain. Back in the caveman era, if we spotted an animal that may threaten our livelihood, we felt fear and danger. Our response would be fight or flight. Either fight the beast in hopes of permanently removing this specific threat or relocate in order to be free from danger, for a while longer.

Who offers this? Security companies, home alarm systems, and our government. Yes, we pay our government just like we would pay a private business to protect us. Global home security solutions market in 2010 was $20.64 billion, according to this Market Research Report.

Sexual Companionship

4) Sexual companionship.

Hormones. We all have them. They are constantly sending signals to the opposite sex which provides information on your status and value. If we feel attraction to someone, we want to have sex with them, regardless of when or how that takes place. We are all programmed to reproduce in order to leave a footprint in this world, but our logic is why we can have sex without having babies every single time.

If your business can help someone get laid or meet a significant other, you’ll be financially stable for quite some time! In fact, the online dating industry has recently turned into a $2 billion per year market. Examples of companies making it easier for people to date: Match.com, OKCupid, Tinder, eHarmony, and many more.

HVAC Services

5) Comfortable living conditions.

Our living conditions depend on many socioeconomic factors, but one thing you can bet your money on is that no matter how much we pay, we want to feel comfortable where we live. That could be something as simple as making sure the roof over our head is not going to collapse or providing heat in places where cold weather could kill you.

This is why home services such as plumbing and HVAC are always in demand. The Plumbing and HVAC industries alone have a market size of about $200 billion in the US. See these IBISWorld reports for more info: HVAC Market Size and Plumbing Market Size.

Mercedes Benz - Status Symbol Brand
6) To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Jones.

Whether its driving a new car or wearing decent clothing, being up to par with those in your circle is something we all want in some way or another. This is a perfect example of what Seth Godin describes as the “tribe” mentality. There are too many things that fall into this category, but think “status symbols”.

Here’s a free download of The Tribes Casebook which was created by over 3,000 people from around the world. It’s got great information with case studies. For sake of giving you an idea, the luxury goods market was approximately $300 billion dollars in 2013.

Protective Gear

7) Care and protection of loved ones.

We all want to take care of those we love and make sure they are out of harm’s way. Similar to #3, security companies do a great job fulfilling this need, but the difference here is safety specific to activities. For example, your child is learning to ride their bicycle, but you’d like to make sure that if they fall, they won’t get hurt. This is why you buy them a helmet and other protective gear in order to lessen the chances of injury.

Tribes - Social Approval

8) Social approval.

Just like animals, people know where they stand in social hierarchies. No one wants to feel like a loser, so people are constantly doing things that helps them feel accomplished and socially accepted. Some people are OK with performing well in their career while others find fulfillment in improving their image. Regardless of our goals, we as people use the following traits to indicate status:

  • * Wealth
  • * Social ties / Popularity
  • * Education

If you can offer someone ways to improve any of these traits, you’re like gold to them.

Before you start a business or marketing campaign write down the exact reason your customers are going to click “buy” and tailor your brand message accordingly. Not only will this help you create better creatives and ad copy, but your market research will be a lot more intuitive once you put your self in the shoes of the consumer.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me and I’d be more than happy to have a chat!

Jon Tavarez

An internet enthusiast, marketer, and entrepreneur that graduated from the University of South Florida College of Business. Jon is also the Founder of Vantage Internet Group, a digital agency based out of Tampa, Florida which oversees the brand management for online businesses and is involved in numerous start-ups.